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About Us


The center for Human Rights and Migration addresses the increasingly interdisciplinary needs of human rights and migration activities. Through multidisciplinary programs and didactic activities, applied research, and the interaction of scholars, students and practitioners, the Center aims to nurture a new generation of specialists in human rights and migration in our country, and to draw attention to several incongruities of the legal framework.

 The Centre for Human Rights and Migration was established through the URA Senate’s Decision no. ....on the....., as part of the POSDRU/156/1.2/G/132920 Project “SCHOOL PRACTICE: Innovation in higher education and success in the labor market.”

The mission of The Centre for Human Rights and Migration is to actively promote education and scientific research by developing partnerships between academia and stakeholders involved in the practical realities of the European society.

To achieve the above mentioned goal, the Center carries out the following activities:

I. Education:

a. educating and training young people to promote human rights and/or understanding the migration phenomenon;
b. promotion and dissemination of human rights and /or migration issues;
c. applied practical activities for students and/or recent graduates;
d. clinical activities of drafting legal opinions and/or simulation of practical situations, including moot court competitions;
e. publishing and printing of materials with a stimulating teaching and/or scientific role;
f. humanitarian campaigns.

 II. Research:

a. fundamental and advanced research concerning human rights and/or migration;
case research on human rights violations;
  research of the status quo and issues concerning migration;
research on national legislation and drafting proposals for improving the national legislation;
valorisation of scientific results obtained by attending national conferences and/or international scientific sessions, research projects, studies and articles published in journals indexed in international databases, on different aspects and themes on human rights and/or migration.

III. Development of external partnerships:

a. promotion of the Centre as a prestigious entity among Romanian and international academics; 
organizing events, scientific and/or trainings on issues related to the activity of the Centre.

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