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Madalina Turza – The Rights of Institutionalised Children (21 octombrie, ora 12:00, Amf.1)

Iana Matei – The Truth about Human Trafficking in Romania (28 octombrie, ora 12:00, Amf.1)

Cristina Bunea – Romania and the Refugees Law (2 decembrie, ora 12:00, Amf.1)



Georgiana Pascu – The Rights of Persons with Mental Disabilities

Delia Ni?? – The Right to NondiscriminationRadu Nicolae – Judicial means in the fight against corruption in Romania

Stefan Leonescu – Migrants’ Rights in Romania



Trainer Mihai Achimescu - Soft Skills (Agenda)

Mihai Achimescu is the Head of Link Resource Development Institute where he is currently working since January 2010. With a medical background, Mihai joined Eli Lilly and Company (Pharma Industry) in 1992, where he held different functions over the years including Sales, Marketing, Sales Management, Local and Regional Training, Human Resources. Starting with 2004, Mihai moved to Novartis as Regional Training and Development Manager for CEE Countries and during 2008 - 2010 he also held the position of Regional Diversity & Inclusion Manager for Central and Eastern European Countries.

With extensive work and Corporate experience in International Companies, managing complex development situations, Mihai’s expertise engulfs needs analysis, designing and development performance based learning objectives, implementation & delivery and measurement & evaluation of both short and long term Development Strategy. With over 20 years first-hand experienced knowledge, encompassing many fields of management expertise, in the last 12 years Mihai delivered over 1600 training days in Central & Eastern Europe and North Africa.

Certificat ca master trainer de prestigioase francize interna?ionale Licensed by prestigious international franchises in more than 40 unique and distinctive development programs Mihai formed more than 2.500 Sales & Marketing Experts, Middle and Senior Management both in Romania and all over Europe.

EMBA graduate from Washington University, Mihai also held a PGD from National College of Home Affairs as Master in Management of Home Affairs (Communication & Public Relation) and a PGD from Petru Maior University - Faculty of Administrative, Legal & Economic Studies as Master in Management and Commerce Economy.



Team Work

Client Interviews


Trainer Silvia Tabusca –New Haven School of Thought (Yale University)

Silvia Maria T?BU?C? is a Lecturer at the Romanian-American University, School of Law (Director of the Center for Human Rights and Migration), and a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Romanian Academy (of Sciences) in Bucharest, Romania. She has been working in the field of international human rights protection for over ten years, with a specific focus on non-discrimination and, more recently, on migration and human trafficking. Silvia is recognised as a leading consultant (working with Milieu Ltd.) and an independent expert, being involved in many national and international projects.
Before joining the Romanian-American University, Silvia has worked for the Romanian Ministry of Justice as a personal advisor and for the Permanent Mission of Romania to the United Nations – NYC, as a human rights expert. Since 2010, Silvia has been a civil rights mediator with training in negotiation (PON/Harvard) and in effective rapid decisions (POJ/Yale).

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PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS: Applications for Business and Intelligence

Stephen Bowers


October 6-15, 2014






Donald Corbin

November 17-28, 2014 MBA Lab





Spring 2015


Centrul de Negociere ?i Mediere

 Centrul Tehnologia


 Centrul Piete Financiare

si Burse

 Centrul Oratorie si


Urm?re?te îmbinarea no?iunilor teoretice cu dezvoltarea abilit??ilor practice ale cursan?ilor, în acest sens vom apela la cei mai buni traineri ?i speciali?ti în domeniile de interes, precum ?i la ...

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 Are ca scop dezvoltarea aptitudinilor studen?ilor în domeniul tehnologiei informa?iei ?i comunica?iilor, stimulându-i pe ace?tia s? aplice cuno?tin?ele teoretice dobândite pentru rezolvarea unor aplica?ii practice.

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 Misiunea Centrului de Pie?e Financiare Interne ?i Interna?ionale este de a promova educa?ia ?i cercetarea ?tiin?ific? prin dezvoltarea parteneriatul între mediul academic ?i actorii cheie implica?i...

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1. Majoritatea celor care iau in serios activitatea de dezbateri nu vor avea dificultati la angajare la finalul facultatii.

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